Why your spring clean is the most important clean of the year

As many of us know, spring is the perfect opportunity to give our homes a real deep clean. With the cooler weather on the way out, and milder temperatures present, now is the time to prepare your house and garden ready for the months ahead.

But, why spring? Traditionally, the idea of spring cleaning comes from the days where homes were heated by fireplaces. Spring was the perfect opportunity to air the house and clean it of any soot and grime accumulated over the winter months. Similarly today, with people tending to stay indoors over winter, dust accumulates and bacteria builds up. Pets also shed their hair and skin particles, as they too don’t want to get caught out in the cold.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean long drawn out days of cleaning the house top to bottom. Leading cleaning specialist Jeyes, has put together some top tips for effortless cleaning, which will leave you with sparkling results.

Crack down on clutter – before you begin, it’s important to declutter the items you don’t need. Make a list of items you’d like to keep, throw away and store, and then you’ll find it much easier to see what you’re dealing with. Use storage bins which can slide under the bed for toys and clothes which aren’t as favoured any more. For winter clothes that won’t be seen again until later on in the year, consider vacuum packing to really cut down on space and protect them from damp, dirt and mould.

Beat the bathroom blues – cleaning the bathroom can often seem like the most tedious chore of all, but with Jeyes Smart Brush Limescale Remover, you’ll see gleaming results in just five minutes. Designed to remove thick limescale in one application, taps showerheads and shower screens will be left sparkling from the concentrated gel formula. For tiles, shower doors, glass and mirrors, Jeyes Smart Spray Glass & Tile Cleaner will eliminate those annoying drips and runs. The spray makes next time cleaning easier and maintains a longer lasting streak-free shine.

The great outdoors – whether your garden is looking a little tired after months of minimal use, or you simply need to dust off your gardening tools for the first time this year, Jeyes Fluid Ready to Use is the perfect choice. The outdoor cleaner and disinfectant works wonders on greenhouses, gardening tools, paths, patios and even pet housing and hutches. The formula is as powerful as Jeyes Fluid but requires no mixing and is ready to use straight away.

Jenny Questier, cleaning expert from Jeyes, commented: “Giving your home and garden a deep clean in the spring time can really pay off in the long run. Rather than seeing this as a big daunting task, Jeyes products help to keep effort to a minimum and great results to a maximum. Your indoor and outdoor spaces will feel refreshed and ready for action in no time.”