The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner and before long we’ll be celebrating Halloween, enjoying Bonfire Night and watching beautiful fireworks light up our skies.

As these festive events creep (pun intended) ever closer, they bring with them, autumn garden parties and time spent outside.

If it’s your time to host the annual firework display and need to get your garden spruced up, outdoor cleaning specialist Jeyes has put together some handy hints. With these tips you can make your bash go with a bang – from fireworks to delicious food cooked on that barbeque!

The last barbeque

Halloween parties and bonfire night are the perfect opportunity to wrap up and get everyone outside to enjoy the crisp autumn air. And what better way to give a nod to the season with the last barbeque of the year.

However, with the recent cooler weather your equipment has probably been neglected and may have gathered some dirt and dust. Jeyes Barbecue Cleaner and the Smart Brush Barbecue Cleaner can spruce up your equipment and make it sparkly clean very easily. The ready to use Jeyes Barbecue Cleaner is the perfect cleaning companion for your barbecue and even comes in a handy trigger spray bottle. It is specially formulated for barbecue equipment/utensils as well.

Get your decorating on

Theming your garden parties is a great way to create some buzz and excitement for your event. Whether its Halloween or Bonfire Night, guests love dressing up – the 80’s, 90’s or even a Marvel themed party will get you some great attention, especially if kids are involved. Setting up some games and activities outdoors in your garden and maybe even a fancy-dress competition is a great way to make your party even more enjoyable.

And on 28th October the clocks fall back, which means that dark nights are here. Why not use strings of fairy lights or rope lighting to decorate your garden for your party? Who doesn’t love some fairy lights, right?

Clean up

If you’re having family over to celebrate the autumnal festivities, then you’ll want to make sure that everything is sparkly clean and in tip top condition. Especially if you have a children’s play area in your garden, then you’ll want to make sure that this is in a pristine state for the youngsters to enjoy. Jeyes Fluid Multi-Purpose Disinfectant is a quick and easy to use cleaner that aims to kill 99.9% of germs to make the surfaces safe for children. This product is multi-purposed so can also be used on other surfaces, such as your greenhouse, gardening tools and can even clean pet housing, helping to make sure that your garden is in a great condition to host your party.

Light with care

If you’re planning on setting up a bonfire this season, then light with caution and ensure the rest of your garden is a safe distance from the fire itself. Leaving at least 10 meters between the fire and any plants, fences or sheds should make sure everything is safe.

Getting the food right

Food is always an integral part of any party and a Halloween or Bonfire Night event is no different. Getting the food right can make the event a memorable one and theming the food around your garden party can score you even more points. Halloween treats such as toffee apples or monster themed snacks, like monster strawberry cupcakes or gooey monster cookies, are a great idea to get kids excited. If you’d rather keep your food more conventional but still relevant to the celebrations of the season, then cooking things such as hot dogs or baked potatoes are a sure-fire way to please your friends and family.